Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hello Big Bad Blogosphere

I am one of those crafty people whose brain moves too fast from one project to the next to take the time to document anything! Yet, I am crafty. I come up with stuff on my own, I take inspiration from others, and on occasion I will copy an idea directly (just for my own use, never for profit).

I am an avid blog reader. I love food blogs, such as www.joythebaker.com and www.smittenkitchen.com, and I am addicted to home decor blogs, such as www.younghouselove.com and www.housetweaking.com. I get so much inspiration from these blogs and many like them.

I am also a Pinner. I love www.pinterest.com. It is simply a plethora of ideas and inspiration. I love that it is creating a community of DIYers, just the other day a woman in Target asked to follow me on Pinterest after a one minute conversation about party decorations. So neat!

However, there is a downside to pinning. Many of us are guilty of pinning away to our hearts content, but then never actually making or doing the things we pin. I am totally guilty of this, for every 20 things I pin, I might make 1 of them. It's sad and has to end. Sherry from www.younghouselove.com and a few of her blogging friends felt the same way, so they started a quarterly pinterest challenge to make something you have pinned. It is totally awesome and very inspiring to see the things these ladies (and men) have made. Click on their names if you want to see for yourself: Sherry's Summer Challenge and her friends Katie from Bower Power, Kate from Centsational Girl, and Michelle from Ten June. At the end of each of their blog posts is a list of other people's pinterest challenge responses. It is like a wave of creativity taking over the internet!

This Pinterest Challenge inspired me to create more of the things I had pinned. It also inspired me to share the things I have made. As I stated above some are inspired by pinned projects and others are my version of a direct copy, this may mean the finished project looks incredibly similar, but in a different color or medium. When it comes to these copies I would never make them for profit if the original creator is selling them. No matter the level of inspiration I take from the original pin, I will be sure to post a link to that pin or to the creators website, I am a firm believer in giving credit where credit is due!

This blog will also be home to things I make from the scary corners of my mind, these items will not have a correlating pin. However, if someone has seen something similar to my creations, please post a link to the similar item, I would love to see it! I totally believe that crafty minds think alike!

Coming up with a name was interesting. Crafting can be a PAINE! Or Crafting: to pin alone is not enough! I also liked CIY to stand for Craft It Yourself, but that was taken. So I went with To Pin Alone Is Not Enough. Straight to the point!

I will be posting finished projects over the next few days. I hope someone out there will find inspiration in my crafting, cooking, and baking like I have found on so many other blogs!

Thanks for stopping by!