Saturday, August 11, 2012

Paint Chip Art

It's everywhere! Pinterest is over flowing with paint chip crafts. The majority of the ones I like are framed art, but I also love to see these little blocks of color used in many different ways. To find more inspiration go here.

So when I finally took stock of the many paint chip themed pins on my Crafty Board, and decided enough was enough. Time to make something! So I made this:

It is far from perfect, I eyeballed the "squares" so most are not actually square. I had to cut down paint chips that were 7 colors long. I chose the paint chips by the last and deepest color pulling from the dining room curtains I made (which will be a future post). I could have taken more time to measure out each square, but life isn't perfect so I don't think art should be either. :)

This is the pin that inspired my blocks of gradated color using paint chips:

This awesome work of art was created by Mallory from Our First Nest go here to see her post and go browse her great blog!

So, yay! First creation post done! There will be more to come, if you are a Pinterest craft lover you may spot a hint at what pin inspired project I will be showcasing next! :)

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