Saturday, August 11, 2012

Too Sweet

While wondering around Pinterest a few months ago I stumbled upon a sweet idea perfect for newly weds or for a couple that has recently moved in together. I also think if you make two of these it would be a great way to stay connected in a long distance relationship. That way when you visit one another you add a message to hold your loved one over until the next time you meet. I am talking about an I Love You Because  picture that you can write messages on. Here is my interpretation:

I used a large unfinished craft frame with a 8x10 opening and gave it texture by loading up on white acrylic paint then gave it a quick coat with a white gloss spray paint. I used a double mat to size the opening down to a 5x7. I used what I call a fancy font and used filled the font with chartreuse and left the outline black. The message was left by my partner after I nearly completed our dining room makeover (all that's left is painting the chairs). Made my heart squish when I saw this. 

Without further ado here is my inspiration:

Posted by Lianne on A Contented House Wife, go here to find step by step directions. I have have been toying with adding some type of 3 dimensional accent to my frame like Lianne did, but I haven't found that perfect something yet.

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